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Wing International

Wing International was established in the year 2017 with a vision to provide international education that is both affordable and high quality grades which gives all children access and opportunity to succeed in life.

Give your child
an international academic advantage.


Our aim is to nurture children in a safe and warm loving environment and to guide them to achieve their goals. We offer an alternative method compared to the normal international school, and as well cater for children who have a variety of learning needs.

Our classrooms are designed to accommodate small groups. Small classes enable each child to get quality time and to interact in the classroom with the teacher. Our learning programs are from IGCSE Cambridge which is the world’s most popular qualification. We have classes from Year 7 up to Year 11.

We encourage children to learn in an environment which is free from stress and peer pressure. We conduct exams at the end of each term and provide progress report cards. All our exams are in accordance with the IGCSE Syllabus and exam structure.

Our team of educators are passionate, inspired and dedicated to teaching. They are qualified and experienced and they make every effort in making learning a joyful experience for your child!