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Wing International Admission Procedure

Admission is open to both weak and high-achieving students, at the minimum age of 11 years old for entry level.
The school accepts students through a competitive entrance exam. Some enrolments are also made based on equity consideration or at the discretion of the school principal.
Students must at least be towards the final year of their primary education to apply to sit the entrance exam. This is usually year entry level for year 7.
Each year, the application opens all through the year. The exam is held on the specific dates agreed upon by the school examination board.
The schools class grade
There are five selective entry levels into Wing International classes.
The school is to be contacted if there are specific questions about their courses or programs.

At Entry level:
  • 85% of students are accepted based on entrance exam results
  • 10% of enrolments are through the students effort consideration category
  • 5% of enrolments are at the principal's discretion.
There are a limited number of places. A maximum of 5% is set aside for students with special needs which have to be informed by parent of such student at the inception of the admission.

Apply to sit the exam
Your child must:
  • must at least be towards the final year of their primary education to apply to sit the entrance exam. This is usually standard 5 and above.
  • be a citizens of Malaysia or a foreigner holding a visa for permanent resident status or student visa.
  • pay the entrance examination fees at the admin counter before sitting for exam.

Sitting for the exam
Students sit for 3- 4 different exam papers before admittance into the school which is based on the student performance level. Their entrance examination results will determine if applicants are offered a place in the school or vice versa. Successful students would be presented an admission letter signifying the level they are admitted into.
The exam includes four (4) tests:
  • English Exams
  • Mathematic Exam
  • Science exam
  • Verbal or General ability test
The entire exam duration takes about three hours. There is usually a maximum of 5 minutes break if requested.
Before each test, the administrator will explain the expectations of each exam. This is to make sure that students know what is expected of them while answering each exam paper.
The exam is designed to be challenging. It’s common for students to not finish the entire exam, this enables the admission department to understand to what extent a student can persevere when it comes to facing educational challenges.

How to prepare for the exam

What to bring to the exam

What to expect on exam day

We recommend that students go through preparation before the exam. The teachers will set up a test environment so the student can feel what it is like to sit in for an exam.
Exam results and offers
After the exam the test papers would be marked and results would be shared with the student parent by the administrator or the principal.
Eligible students are offered places based on their exam results.
If your child is offered a place:
  1. We will send you an email or a letter with the offer details within a span of 48 hours.
  2. You must accept or decline the offer by the deadline, by following the instructions in the letter or email.
  3. You'll receive an email to confirm your decision and if you haven't received it within 24 hours of accepting or declining the offer you can contact us at +601-25006830

If we don't hear back about an offer before the deadline or if the offer is declined, the opportunity will go to another student.
Your child's enrolment isn't final until it's processed by the school. Once your child starts school they cannot be transferred to another level apart from the one they were admitted for.
Student’s effort consideration
Student’s effort consideration helps to ensure that all students have access to the same opportunities.
Up to 10% of places at each entry level are filled through the effort consideration category. You can apply for effort consideration if:
  • Your child performed below the required entry percentage
  • Your child is keen to put in more effort if admitted into the school to uplift his / her grade
  • Your child re-sits for the exam and performed better than the previous grade achieved.
If you apply for a student effort consideration it does not reduce your child’s chance of being offered a place in the school.
Principal's discretion
Up to 5% of enrolments can be at the principal's discretion.
Each selected student under this category would be contacted and invite to meet up with the principal for reassessment. This invitation is not an automatic offer for admission.
Applicants are short-listed and interviewed by the principal before any consideration is done.
Special consideration
Students under this category are those with special needs, such will be duly scrutinized to ascertain they are less harmful in the social circle and they are socially inclined to mix around with other students..
Checklist of Documents submission at admission

Malaysian Citizens
  1. A copy of both parents’ IC
  2. A copy of student’s birth certificate/IC
  3. A copy of previous school academic report
  4. A copy of student’s medical record (latest report)
  5. 3 pieces of passport sized photographs

Non-Malaysians citizen:
  1. A copy of student’s passport & latest visa
  2. A copy of student’s birth certificate
  3. A copy of both parents’ passport
  4. A copy of parents’ visa (if relevant)
  5. A copy of parents’ work permit (if relevant)
  6. A copy of previous school academic report
  7. A copy of student’s medical record (latest report)
  8. 3 pieces of passport sized photographs